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Governance and Compliance Division


Incident management and business continuity planning

In an emergency, or to escalate incidents to the University Silver Team, contact the University Security Control Centre 24/7 on (3)31818 or dial 101 from the internal network.

Robust risk management practices may help prevent crises occurring in the first place and the University provides detailed guidance on risk management. However not all crises can be prevented.  Incident management and business continuity planning is crucial preparation for how an organisation is to react the moment an incident unfolds and in its aftermath. 

The University of Cambridge has a policy and plans to ensure it can respond effectively to any incident that has the potential to:

  • present a material risk to students, employees, residents, visitors or members of the local community;
  • create a serious environmental hazard;
  • result in enforcement action or litigation;
  • significantly disrupt academic business continuity and integrity;
  • damage the reputation of the University.

By applying these plans, we will be able to ensure the earliest possible resumption of the core activities of the University.