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Governance and Compliance Division


Staff in the Governance and Compliance Division are responsible for producing and maintaining the following official publications of the University:

Statutes and Ordinances

The Statutes and Ordinances provide the constitutional framework that allows the University to govern its affairs. The Statutes contain the fundamental constitutional and governance provisions of the University and are subject to approval by Her Majesty in Council. Special Ordinances contain detailed provisions arising from the governance framework provided in the Statutes. Ordinances are detailed regulations and procedures covering all aspects of University business. Revised editions of the Statutes and Ordinances are published annually, usually in October. Amendments are published in the Reporter throughout the year.

Cambridge University Reporter

The Cambridge University Reporter is the official journal of the University. It appears on Wednesday each week during Full Term, and carries notices of all University business, Discussions, and Graces; Council and General Board decisions; proposals for changes in regulations for examinations; as well as brief information on awards, appointments, and job vacancies. In addition to the regular weekly numbers, special numbers come out at certain times of the year.

Roll of the Regent House

The Roll of the Regent House is a list of current members of the University's governing body. The Roll is promulgated in November each year, as a special number of the Reporter.

List of Members

The List of Members contains the names, College affiliations, and dates of matriculation, of all living members of the University of Cambridge, as well as noting any Cambridge degrees held by members. The List of Members is now in three volumes: a list of all members up to 31 July 1998; a supplement that covers the period from 1 October 1998 to 31 July 2014; and a second supplement which is produced periodically to cover the period from 1 October 2014 to the most recent year ending on 31 July. See also the Useful documents of record.