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Governance and Compliance Division


Risk management

Effective risk management enables the University to identify, assess and seize opportunities which assist in the delivery of its objectives and improve its performance, whilst protecting the reputation and sustainability of the University. Risk management operates across the University and is central to the achievement of objectives and well-informed decision-making, whether at strategic, operational or project level. The University is committed to ensuring that it has a robust and comprehensive system of risk management in line with the requirements of the Office for Students, and follows good practice in risk management.

A review of the University's risk management processes was undertaken by the Registrary's Office (now the Governance and Compliance Division) during 2018, in consultation with the University's senior leadership team.  In January 2019, the Council approved a new risk management framework and risk management policy, and in May 2019, the Council approved a new University risk register.

The risk register is updated approximately every six months. Once approved by the Council, the revised version is published on these pages as soon as is practicable.