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Governance and Compliance Division


The day-to-day work of the Governance and Compliance Division includes overseeing the running of the University's governance arrangements; statutory and regulatory compliance (including information compliance, risk management and continuity planning, emergency management, audit and value for money); and oversight of the student unions.

Audit and Regulatory Compliance

The Audit and Regulatory Compliance Office offers guidance on audit, emergency planning and risk management to University staff.

Draftsman's Office

The Draftsman's Office publishes the University's official publications such as the Statutes and Ordinances, produces policies and guidelines that relate to University governance, and maintains the Roll of the Regent House. The Draftsman also works alongside colleagues in CUDAR in relation to trusts and benefactions and provides advice and guidance to a number of high-level working groups.


The governance hub provides information on the University's governance structure, decision-making processes, instruments of governance, and key personnel. It also provides a central access point for Council and committee information, papers and resources.

Information Compliance

The Information Compliance Office offers guidance on Information Compliance, Data Protection and Records Management to University staff and students.

Reporter Office

The University's official journal of record, the Cambridge University Reporter, is published by this Office. The Reporter team also, inter alia, assess eligibility for the MA under Statute B II 2.

University Council and Committees

One of the core roles of the Division is to support the work of the University Council and its committees.

University Tribunal and Septemviri

Staff in the GCD provide administrative support to the above bodies.

Vice-Chancellor's Office

The staff in the GCD work closely with the staff in the Vice-Chancellor's Office, as well as the Pro-Vice-Chancellors and their team.