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Governance and Compliance Division


Meet the members of the Governance and Compliance Division team. Contact details for the staff of the GCD are available to members of the University with raven accounts here.

 Regina Sachers: Director of Governance and Compliance Division

The Director of GCD oversees the running of the University's governance arrangements and supports the Council and its committees. The office is also responsible for statutory and regulatory compliance (including information compliance, risk management and continuity planning, emergency management, audit and value for money), and oversight of the student unions.

Office hours: full-time

Delrene Abeysundera: Assistant to the Compliance Officer and to the University Draftsman

I assist the Information Compliance Officer and FOI Manager in handling requests for information under data protection legislation and the Freedom of Information Act.  I also support the University Draftsman, the Reporter Office, and other Officers with general administrative duties.

Office hours: full-time

Zoe Allwood: FOI Manager

As FOI Manager, I manage the casework for requests received under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.  I also assist the Information Compliance Officer with data protection work and service some committees that fall under the remit of the Division.

Office hours: full-time

Elle Bateman: Head of Assurance

I am responsible for determining the strategic direction, policy development and overall administration of the University's assurance activities and risk management process.  I ensure that the University collaborates efficiently and effectively with the outsourced internal audit function (provided by Deloitte LLP) and manage the University's obligations in a number of areas of regulatory compliance, including risk management.  I offer training on the University's risk management process, and am the primary point of contact for internal audit, risk management and the University's Audit Committee. 

Office hours: full-time

Ceri Benton: University Draftsman

The University Draftsman is responsible for ensuring the enactment of changes to the Statutes and Ordinances of the University resulting from the approval of matters by the Regent House, the Council and other bodies. Most of my duties flow from that responsibility, from the administration of ballots and the circulation of papers to the Council’s Business Committee, which approves items for publication in the Reporter on behalf of the Council. I can offer advice on the drafting of amendments to the Statutes and Ordinances and their presentation in the form of Reports, Graces and Notices, and on the procedure and timetable for their approval.

I am the first point of contact for enquiries about drafting or amending trust fund regulations, liaising with the Legal Services Division as appropriate. I also provide administrative support to the Finance Committee and the Standing Appointments Committee (which approves appointments in the UAS at Grade 10 and above).

Office hours: full-time

Alistair Bochel: Senior Administrator (Governance and Committees)

I support the General Board, the University Museums Committee, the Council Committee for the Supervision of the Student Union, and the Societies Syndicate and its Technical Committee. 

Office hours: full-time

Julia Copson: Clerk of the Roll of the Regent House

Working as part of the Draftsman’s and Reporter Offices, I update the University’s Statutes and Ordinances from the weekly Reporters each term and proof read it ahead of its annual publication at the start of the academic year. I maintain records for the Roll of the Regent House, advise on eligibility for Regent House membership, and check the Roll for its publication in draft format each 1 October and for its final promulgation for the academic year in early November. I also compile the Fellows Reporter, annual Faculty Membership lists, and Officers Part I (University Officers) and Officers Parts II and III (Members of University bodies) Special editions of the Reporter.

Office hours: full-time

Joanna Craigwood: Senior Governance Manager

I lead on committee support for the Committee for Benefactions, External and Legal Affairs (CBELA) and the Information Services Committee (ISC).  With Madeline McKerchar, I manage the governance team within the division, which supports a number of other committees.  I also manage governance-related projects, such as drafting policies, guidelines, terms of reference and reports.  

Office hours: part-time, currently 4 days per week (Mon-Thurs)

 Clara East: Senior Assistant Registrary

I support emergency management and continuity planning in the University.  I provide guidance to institutions on effective emergency planning, including in relation to specific threats/incidents as necessary, report annually to central Committees on the status of emergency plans and offer further assistance as needed.  I am also Support Officer to the University’s emergency response team, the Silver Team. This involves facilitating meetings and seeing through actions, maintaining up to date protocols and tools to support the Team’s work, arranging desktop exercising and ensuring that a fully trained back-up support team is in place.  I am also Secretary to two Committees, the University’s Honorary Degree Committee and the University and Colleges’ Joint Committee (UCJC) (co-Secretary with the Head of the Office of Intercollegiate Services (OIS)).  As part of my UCJC role, I work closely with colleagues at the OIS to facilitate information sharing between the University and Colleges. 

Office hours: part-time (Mon-Fri, 9 to 3)

Tara Grant: Administrative Officer and Reporter Editor

Working principally on the Cambridge University Reporter, Statutes and Ordinances, the University Governance site, my day is usually spent liaising with individuals across the University and Colleges on matters concerning content. As a member of the team in the Draftsman's office I work closely with Ceri, Julia and Delrene as we attempt to meet our many looming deadlines. In addition to our publication-centred tasks we have a number of other responsibilities, including facilitating and recording University Discussions, maintaining various websites and determining the eligibility of certain University officers for Cambridge degrees under Statute B II 2. 

Office hours: full-time

Libby Ayres: Senior Administrator (Governance)

I hold responsibility for servicing the Committee on Benefactions and External and Legal Affairs (CBELA), the committee which scrutinises engagements between the University and external parties in relation to reputational risk.  I also lead on the development of University-wide policies and their implementation, and manage strategic projects.  

Office hours: full-time

Vacant: Senior Administrator (Risk & Assurance)

This role supports the delivery of the University's risk management and assurance processes, and also provides high-level support in relation to the administration of the Audit Committee and the work of the internal auditors.  

Office hours: full-time

James Knapton: Head of Data and Information Compliance

As Head of Data and Information Compliance, I am the University’s lead on all matters relating to information legislation (principally the UK General Data Protection Regulation, the Data Protection Act 2018 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000).  I provide advice, training and guidance to members of University staff, manage data breaches and requests for information and personal data under the relevant legislation, and oversee policy in these areas.  I also carry out various other functions, in particular with regard to the Prevent Duty, as part of the wider work of the Division.

Office hours: full-time

Madeline McKerchar: Senior Governance Manager

I support the University Council, the University's principal executive body, by servicing the Council and undertaking related governance projects.  These projects typically involve drafting terms of reference, policies and reports.  I work closely with Anna Ulyanova, who provides administrative support for the Council, and many other colleagues within the Division who support central committees such as the General Board and the Audit Committee.

Office hours: part-time (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays)

Office Manager

Currently vacant, the Office Manager role covers a broad area of support-based tasks, with the overriding aim being to ensure the day-to-day management and running of the office is adequately facilitated. 

Office hours: full-time

Anna Ulyanova: Council Secretariat Administrator

I upload Council papers and maintain other Council content within the University governance website, as well as helping organise the arrangements for Council meetings. I am also responsible for a variety of other tasks, including acting as Clerk to the Advisory Committee on Committee Membership and External Nominations (ACCMEN) . Using the Cambridge Committees Database I take responsibility for keeping Council appointed memberships current. I prepare all ACCMEN material for circulation and meetings.

Office hours: full-time