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The University Emergency Management Plan

The University Emergency Management Plan (UEMP) operates at an institution-wide level. It can be invoked directly in response to a major or widespread incident or as the result of a local management team asking for help in responding to an emergency. The format of the UEMP adopts the principles of Gold (Strategic), Silver (Tactical) and Bronze (Operational) levels of response to any emergency, enabling it to mirror the procedures used by the emergency services and local authorities in the event of an emergency. This will allow better coordination with those external agencies in the event of a major incident.

Departments, buildings and Non School Institutions have their own Emergency Action Plans consistent with, and complementary to, the University Emergency Management Plan.  Note that the UEMP and Emergency Action Plan templates will be replaced by updated versions in Easter Term 2023.

The following documents are used by the University's Silver Team and may be helpful to departmental Silver Teams.

Robust risk management practices may help prevent crises occurring in the first place. The University provides detailed guidance on risk management.