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E. Responsibilities of the Registrary

  1. The Registrary shall have the following responsibilities:
    1. to maintain a register of the incidents of bribery and fraud that are reported to him or her in accordance with this Policy;
    2. to compile an annual report for the Audit Committee on the implementation of this Policy including the outcomes of any relevant risk assessments and due diligence and any incidents of reported bribery and fraud, thereby contributing to the monitoring and review of this Policy; and to recommend any changes to this Policy which, may from time to time, become appropriate;
    3. to ensure that any standard University documents and procedures (including procurement terms and procedures, fundraising documentation, and terms and conditions of employment) reflect the requirements of this Policy;
    4. to coordinate the University's response to any investigation or charge under anti-bribery or fraud legislation;
    5. to ensure that procedures are in place to communicate the Policy to all staff and any relevant associated persons and to deliver appropriate training to staff;
    6. to oversee the compilation of specific bribery and fraud risk assessments and the conduct of appropriate due diligence into significant areas of activity with a view to assessing bribery and fraud risks and taking appropriate action to mitigate them.
    The Registrary may delegate these responsibilities to named individuals as he or she sees fit.