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Governance and Compliance Division


The Governance and Compliance Division is located at the heart of major decision-making in the University. Its role is to facilitate the implementation of the decisions and policies of the University, providing leadership, advice, and guidance in a transparent and accountable manner. Both operational and strategic in nature, the GCD works to promote the good governance of the University and to support senior University officers in the fulfilment of their duties.

University Council and committees

The University is governed through central bodies, principally the Regent House, the Council, and the General Board of the Faculties.​ Staff in the GCD at all levels facilitate and support the work of the University Council and its committees. The Head of the Division (Regina Sachers) and others in the team attend Council meetings as assisting officers, and are instrumental in guiding and advising the development of University decisions and policies through the governance system and on to implementation. The Audit and Regulatory Compliance Officer (Clara East) administers the work of the Audit Committee, and a number of other officers in the Division support the work of other University committees and governance bodies.

Access to Council and committee papers and information on University committees is provided via the Governance hub, which is managed by staff in the GCD. Council business and enquiries should be directed to in the first instance.

A list of members of University committees and other University bodies (Boards, Syndicates etc) is published as a Special issue of the Cambridge University Reporter. 'Live' membership enquiries should be directed by email to

The University Governance site

For information on the University's governance structure and decision-making processes, and access to Council and committee minutes and papers.

University Governance