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Governance and Compliance Division


Emergency management testing for Departmental Silver Teams

The purpose of testing and exercising departmental emergency response plans is to provide reassurance to staff, students, regulatory bodies, insurers and the University as a whole that the plans would enable the department or building management to respond quickly and effectively to any emergency.

Most departments are deemed to be of low risk i.e. they are no more likely to experience an emergency incident than any other workplace in Cambridge.  These departments or building management teams should test their emergency response plans once every three years.

Some departments and buildings are judged to be of higher risk because they have one or more of the following characteristics:

  1. The department or building provides a service which is essential to the running of other departments

  2. Work within the building involves the use and/or storage of hazardous materials, in particular, high activity sealed source radiation and material that is subject to the Anti-Terrorist Crime and Security Act legislation

  3. The work of the department or within the building is such that it could attract the attention of political or criminal groups

  4. Regular exercising of the emergency plans is a requirement of the insurers of the department

  5. Regular exercising of the emergency plans is a requirement of a regulatory body.

Such departments are judged to be of heightened risk and should exercise their emergency response plans annually.

A range of desktop exercises are available.